10 Ways to Get Real Followers to Follow You on Instagram

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10 Ways to Get Real Followers to Follow You on Instagram

Do you want to improve your Instagram account by getting real followers? This guide will show you ten valuable steps you can take to get real Instagram followers on your own. There are no tricks or shortcuts, just tried-and-true methods.

1. Produce Good Content

The first step to getting real Instagram followers is to post good material. It’s important to write posts that are visually beautiful and interesting so that your audience stays interested. When followers see your page and find valuable and exciting content, they will likely click “follow.” Also, think about using user-generated material (UGC) as much as you can. UGC adds variety to your content and helps build a community, which makes users more loyal.

2. Make Your Instagram Bio Better

Like a business card, your Instagram bio is your first impression. To make it work, use keywords that are related to your material. These words can help followers find your profile for specific interests or subjects. Also, ensure your picture is clear and shows who you are or what you stand for. Followers should want to read your bio description because it should be interesting and tell them what to expect from your account. If you optimize your bio, you’re more likely to get followers who are interested in what you post.

3. Make Use of Stories

These short-term posts show up at the top of users’ feeds and let them share behind-the-scenes events, ads, and interactive content. With this tool, you can let your followers know about any new information, deals, or events. By sharing Stories regularly, you can stay in touch with your audience.

Collaborate with Others in Your Niche

Collaborations can be a powerful growth strategy on Instagram. Partner with influencers or accounts in your niche for shoutouts or joint content creation. Collaborations introduce your profile to new audiences who share an interest in your niche, potentially leading to increased followers. Services like Buzzoid can help you identify potential collaboration opportunities and maximize your reach.

4. Know Who You’re Writing For

Make sure your material fits their wants and needs. You’re more likely to get and keep real Instagram followers who find value in what you share if you post things that are related to their hobbies.

Promote Your Instagram Account

Don’t be shy—shout your Instagram handle from the digital rooftops! Share it on Facebook, Twitter, your website—heck, even in your emails. The more, the merrier! Cross-promoting lets your fans from different corners unite and introduces your Instagram to potential buddies who dig what you share. Platforms like Famoid offer promotional services to boost your visibility and attract more followers.

5. Make Use of Specific Hashtags

Hashtags are an essential part of how Instagram makes content discoverable. To reach the right followers, you need to use hashtags that are specific and important. But please don’t do too much. To get as many followers as possible, try to find a mix between niche-specific and general hashtags. Smartly using hashtags will make sure that your content shows up in search results and on the Explore page, which will bring in potential followers who are interested in what you have to say.

6. Set Up a Posting Schedule

Instagram’s growth depends on followers being consistent. If you post at the correct times, more followers will see your information. Sticking to a plan, whether it’s every day, every other day, or at set times during the week, keeps your audience interested and up to date.

7. Talk to Followers in Your Community

It’s not enough to post information to interact with your followers; you need to build relationships with them, too. Answer questions, respond to comments, and start talks right away. Show your followers that you respect what they have to say and are glad they are there. A sense of community makes followers more likely to stick with your site. Followers are more likely to stay interested in your posts and tell others about your profile if they feel heard and appreciated.

8. Change to a Company Account

You should switch to an Instagram business page if you still need to. This step gives you helpful information about your followers and how well your content is doing. With a business profile, you can see statistics like demographics, reach, and engagement data. These insights can help you improve your content plan and make sure you’re meeting the needs of your audience. You can also promote posts and reach more followers with a business page.

9. Get Followers to Follow You On Instagram

Cross-promoting your Instagram account will help you be seen outside of Instagram. Put your Instagram handle in your email greeting, other social media sites, and your website. This cross-promotion brings in new followers and gets your name seen by followers who might be interested in the same things you are.

10. Make Your Hashtags

Make hashtags that are unique to your niche or material. Branded hashtags are unique to your business or persona and can help you build a community around your content. Tell the followers who follow you to use these hashtags when they share posts about your brand. When posts with your brand’s hashtags become part of a more extensive conversation, this practice helps you reach more followers. It makes followers feel like they join and encourages them to create content.


What Should I Do to Get Ten Instagram Followers Every Day?

To get ten new Instagram followers every day, you need to keep posting, interact with your audience, and use good hashtags.

How Do I Legally Get 10,000 Followers On Instagram?

To properly get 10,000 Instagram followers, you need to plan for a long time. Focus on good material, keeping your audience interested, and slow growth. Don’t take shortcuts like buying friends because they can hurt your account.

What Can I Do To Get 300 Instagram Followers Every Day?

The goal is to gain 300 followers every day. To gain followers quickly, focus on making content that goes viral, working with influencers, and holding contests or giveaways.

For How Much Does 1,000 Instagram Followers Cost?

Instagram doesn’t give you money for likes. As long as your 1,000 followers are interested, you can make money through sponsored posts, affiliate marketing, and working with brands.


If you want to get real Instagram followers, you need to be honest and dedicated. This guide lays out ten essential steps you can take to get loyal followers naturally. These strategies are all about making good content, getting to know your audience, and keeping the group strong. You can make an excellent first impression by starting with exciting material and making your Instagram bio work better. Using Instagram Stories and specific hashtags can help you reach more followers and get them to interact with your posts. You’re also making a regular posting schedule and interacting with your followers to keep them coming back.

By following these ten strategies, you can effectively boost your Instagram followers and enhance your presence on the platform. Utilize resources like Buzzoid and Famoid to support your efforts and ensure that you’re leveraging the best tools available for achieving your Instagram goals.

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